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Your source for beautiful hand-made instruments, bows, cases, and accessories for beginners to seasoned artists

Our experience as players, teachers, and makers means we offer the best carefully selected violins, violas, cellos and double bases as well as violin bows, viola bows, cellos bows, and bass bows to at prices that will impress you.  Many of our customers come back again & again as their playing or goals require a different instrument.  We love offering customers premium trade-in values that allow them to move up.  Need an amazing violin case, viola case, cello case or bag or bass bag?  You will find that we carry options that will blow away other cases and bags online.  As an importer of fittings and wholesaler, we buy the very best and offer violin fittings at affordable prices.

We Ship Nationally and Internationally Every Day!

Viola by William Bartruff

Each week we get calls from around the country from players looking for their next instrument. Some choose to try instruments through our approval process: we are experts at safely shipping instruments around the country. If you choose not to buy one, you ship them back to us after a set approval time.

Other people prefer to travel to Omaha so they can try many more instruments in a short time. Sometimes a quick flight to the heartland can be a cheaper and faster way to look for an instrument. If you decide to come see us, let us know and we will arrange to pick you up at the airport!

Either way, we will continue to listen and fine tune your preferences so we can keep looking if you don't find your instrument.

At A. Cavallo Violins we provide the best, professional service to everyone, whether you are a beginner or seasoned artist. All of our workshop instrments are carefully crafted by hand and individually selected for our shop. Our student instruments are set up with the same care and fine parts that most shops only reserve for the most exquisite instruments. It is our goal to provide the guidance and information you need to maintain and understand your investment.

Ask about A. Cavallo Violins, LLC generous, guaranteed in writing, trade-up and trade-in program.

Intermediate Conservatory Viola

Academia Violin Outfit

Parents and teachers love that students can move up into a larger or higher grade instrument that challenges and inspires them as they are ready.  Parents can feel confident they are getting a good value with our guarantee to take instruments back in trade.
Attention Teachers:  We are always willing to customize instruments to your preferences for students.  Give us a call to discuss how we can accommodate your preferences.

Read our Customer Reviews

October 2017 -(I) received pegs and chinrest; very impressive quality and I love your attention to customer service. It is truly a pleasure doing business with another professional

August 2017  -  Dear Clark,  I want to thank you again for taking the time in finding the best viola bow to suit my specific needs.  I am indebted to you, sir.

Violist & Professor

Faith loves the new carbon fiber bow and is grateful that the strings are much easier to handle since you carved down the bridge. Dr. Lara was very pleased with everything as well. Thanks again and hope you have a great 2017!

Cello Mom, Missouri


The Wiebe looks great and sounds awesome! Many thanks to you and Jesse (and anyone else who worked on it)!

Jeff, Serious Amatuer, California


October 2016
To A Cavallo Violins: Thank you for the wonderful work that you did on my violin. It sounds amazing. I will be certain to do business with you again!

Rebecca, Professional Player


Thanks You! We received the new violin and it seems to be working out fine.....Thank you for making this purchase and return so easy!!!!

Lorraine, Mom on the East Coast


I purchased a viola tailpiece and chin rest from A Cavallo Violins on eBay. I sent a message and asked that they be matched as boxwood fittings tend to vary in color. I was very pleased with what I received. I later found some carved pegs and asked if they could be matched to the fittings I had. Buy looking at a photo of my viola they were able to match my fittings dead on perfect. These folks go way beyond the call of duty to please their customers! I will absolutely buy from them again!

David, Violist        

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