About Us

About Us

We are Players, Teachers & Violin Makers 

At A. Cavallo Violins we say we "specialize in the fine art of listening to you."  

We want to find out exactly what you are looking for in an instrument. Here are some starting considerations that will help you make a great choice:

  • What quality of sound and response are you looking for?
  • Is physical comfort an issue for you?
  • What are the instruments you have played and liked?
  • What style of music do you play, and in what environments do you play?
  • Every instrument has strengths and we want to hear what is important to you so we can recommend our best for you to try.

At A. Cavallo Violins, LLC you can expect service that is personal, prompt and professional guaranteed.

We Value Honesty & Integrity 

With a business relationship at A. Cavallo Violins, you will receive an honest approach to pricing and the guidance and information you need to maintain and understand your investment from our professional musicians.

Integrity in the Violin Business

A. Cavallo Violins, LLC sets the highest standards for dealer integrity and fine service to the customer.   There are many questionable practices in the violin business, including the generally accepted practice of teacher commissions, which introduces a hidden cost to all customers, including student whose teachers do not accept commissions. For more information on these practices, see what one of the world’s foremost violin makers says about this subject. Integrity First - Violin Maker David Burgess

We provide the best, professional service to everyone, whether you are a beginner or seasoned artist.

All of our workshop instruments are carefully crafted by hand and individually selected for our shop. Our student instruments are set up with the same care and fine parts that most shops only reserve for the most exquisite instruments. It is our goal to provide the guidance and information you need to maintain and understand your investment.  We also offer our customers an unequaled guarantee and trade program.