Guidelines, Warranties & Policies

Guidelines for Taking Instruments and Bows on Approval

7-Day Approvals for Instruments

Choosing an instrument is an important decision and requires time. A. Cavallo Violins, LLC makes its instruments available on approval for one week. During the one-week period the customer will be allowed to take the instrument home and to their teacher or other advisors. The instrument should not be taken to school or orchestra rehearsals.

Any Damage During Approval Time is Customer's Responsibility

While on approval, the care of the instrument is the responsibility of the customer. Any damage to the instrument while on approval is also the responsibility of the customer and we will charge appropriately for any repairs required to bring the instrument back up to par. Please do not alter the instrument in any way except for necessary tuning. Tape should not be placed on the fingerboard or bow. The instrument should be returned in the same condition as when it left our shop.

Care of the instrument:

Find a safe place to store the instrument at home. Stringed instruments are very sensitive to temperature and humidity. Do not keep the instrument too close to heating or air-conditioning ducts. Find a place where the instrument is out of the way of traffic and preferably not up on a shelf where it could be accidentally knocked down.


Wipe the strings, fingerboard, and top of the instrument with an untreated soft, lint-free cloth before returning it to it's case. If rosin is allowed to accumulate it will harden on the strings and pit the varnish.

Do not touch the bow hair, as the oils from your fingers will damage the hair. Please use professional quality rosin without any metal content during the trial period. If you need it, we will provide suitable rosin so you can have the best trial experience possible.

Be sure not to tighten the bow too much or leave it tight as this could ruin the stick. If you have any questions about how tight the bow needs to be please ask your teacher or call us.

Packing and shipping:

Please pack the instrument as it was shipped to you and only ship second day air by FedEx or UPS. Securely tape the carton shut with carton sealing tape, make sure the case does not move inside the box and is surrounded by packing materials. If you are just returning a case, ship by ground UPS or priority mail. Please do not ship over weekends.

Thank you for considering an instrument from A. Cavallo Violins. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions or concerns. If you need more than a week to make a decision, please call us within the one-week period to confirm an extension to the approval time. Above all, enjoy!

7-Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

Your Satisfaction is our Top Priority at A. Cavallo Violins, LLC!  All merchandise purchased from A. Cavallo Violins, LLC has a 7-day unconditional money back guarantee from the date of receipt (date the item was received) if returned in new condition. If you return an item after 7 days but within 30 days of receipt and the item is in new condition, we will give you an unconditional return for store credit. We stand by our products, and will exchange or return a damaged or defective product to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Our One-Year Warranty

A. Cavallo Violins, LLC guarantees all instruments for one year from the date of purchase. All necessary adjustments and repairs due to normal use and care will be repaired at no charge for the first year. We provide complimentary tonal adjustments and string installation for the life of any instrument purchased at A. Cavallo Violins, LLC. Regular maintenance items such as bow rehairs and string replacement are the responsibility of the customer. Bridges strings, and bow hair are not covered by this warranty. The customer is responsible for all shipping charges related to warranty service. This warranty is waived if anyone other than A. Cavallo Violins, LLC attempts a repair or adjust the instrument.

Cases & Bags
Cases are guaranteed against defective cases or parts of cases for one year from the date of purchase. If a case is defective it will be repaired or replaced by A. Cavallo Violins, LLC within the warranty year. We are not able to issue refunds after 7 days.

Instrument Trade-In Policy

All instruments sold by A. Cavallo Violins, LLC will be considered for trade-in. If the student is upgrading to a significantly more expensive instrument, a 100% trade in value (minus the cost of bringing the instrument up to saleable condition) will normally be the case.

Repurchase Policy

All violins sold by A. Cavallo Violins, LLC will be considered for repurchase from the original owner. Normal repurchase price of an instrument or bow in excellent condition will usually be approximately 50% of the retail price the customer paid, minus the cost of bringing the instrument up to saleable condition.