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Instruments from Musaica Imports

Musaica Imports, LLC offers customers the finest quality string instruments and accessories from manufacturers throughout Europe, Asia, and the United States. We hand select each instrument and take great care in its set up in our workshop using the highest standards and materials. The Academia and Conservatory instruments are completely hand-carved and have all ebony or rosewood fittings, have hand-applied spirit or oil varnish and have inlaid purfling.

Musaica Imports String Instruments are offered in four levels: 

Academia Instrument Outfits - Beginning player Outfit (Instrument, Bow & Case or bag)

Conservatory - For the intermediate player who is ready for a a step up from Academia level.

Concert - Gorgeous hand finished instruments for the advancing player.

Master Art - Rich sounding, hand carved instruments for the serious player.

Instrument Set-up
Most instruments leave the workshop where they were made in an "unfitted" condition - not tuned or adjusted for the best sound and for the individual student. To the untrained eye, an unfitted instrument may appear perfectly finished and ready to play.

We spend several hours of set-up work on each individual instrument. The bridge is carved and adjusted to the proper height and shape for maximum tone and response. The finger board is planed for accurate intonation and to eliminate buzzes. We cut the sound post to the proper fit, which enhances the tone and stability of the instrument. Pegs are adjusted for ease in tuning. We customize each violin, viola or cello with the best choice of strings for the acoustics of the individual instrument.

A. Cavallo Violins, LLC offers a generous Trade-In & Trade-Up program so you can easily and affordably upgrade when you are ready.  For more information on our trade-in program, see Frequently Asked Questions page.

Musaica Fine Fittings

Fittings that are designed and manufactured for the discerning artist and dealer. These fittings are available in traditional French or English styles, as well as inlaid or intricately carved designs. They are made with the finest quality ebony, rosewood, or boxwood and are finished with meticulous care. All woods go through lengthy air drying before carving and the natural color is preserved in the ebony and rosewood. We have put great care into the design of each item. For instance, all chinrests have enough clearance for peaked tailpieces and are designed with minimized footprints.

Musaica Fine Fittings are guaranteed for life against defects of workmanship or materials.

Musaica Imports Conservatory Violin
Musaica Imports Concert Cello

Instruments by Today's Top Makers - Artist Level

Violin by Raymond Melanson

A. Cavallo Violins is the leader in representing living maker’s instruments from around the world. We have a large selection of violins, violas & cellos made by today's top makers. Do you have a maker you are interested in? If we don't have it in stock, there is a great chance we will be able to find one for you.

Each week we get calls from around the country from players looking for their next instrument.

Cello by Mark Moreland

Some choose to try instruments through our approval process: we are experts at safely shipping instruments around the country. If you choose not to buy one, you ship them back to us after a set approval time.

Other people travel to Omaha so they can try many more instruments in a short time. Sometimes a quick flight to the heartland can be a cheaper and faster way to look for an instrument.

Either way, we will continue to listen and fine tune your preferences so we can keep looking if you don't find your instrument.

Ask us about our generous trade-in policy and finance options to help you make that dream instrument a reality. 

Instruments or Bows on Approval

We realize choosing an instrument is an important decision and requires time.  A. Cavallo Violins, LLC makes instruments and bows available on approval for one week so you can take the instrument home and to your teacher or other advisors as you consider your purchase.  We also ship instruments and bows for trial throughout the United States every week.  We are experts at safely packing and shipping!  For detailed information and specific Guidelines for Approvals, see Guidelines, Warranties & Policies page.

Strings: Choosing the Type for Your Instrument

A. Cavallo Violins carries all of the major string brands.  Strings are classified by the type of material from which they are made, such as plain gut, gut wound with metal, synthetic core strings, steel wound with steel, etc. Strings are usually available in three gauges: thick, medium and thin.

Determining which kind of string is the best type to use is a very subjective question. It depends on the personal taste of the musician and the acoustical qualities of the instrument. Experimentation will determine which is the best for you. Some instruments may require a combination of different types of strings.

At A.Cavallo, we strive to determine which type of string would be the best for each student or player as a part of our set-up and will customize according to you needs and your teacher's recommendation.