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Lots of New Items

Lately we have been adding many new items.  Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure: Viola By Mark Womack 2000 Composite Airline Fiber Violin case Violin by Igenio Sderci, 1960 Viola By Louis Condax, 1957 Violin by Michele Buccele, 2003 Viola by David Chrapkiewicz Garnet Wood Premium Fittings (alternative to Rosewood) Musaica Imports 5…
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Summer 1…2…3…

Three Ways to Be Prepared for Summer Travel and Performance 1. Update your case.  Safety for your instrument is paramount. Check out our new Airline Composite cases.  They are light, strong, and safe for your instrument! 2. Update your appraisal.  It is necessary for you to have it updated every three years.  It can be…
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2 Outa 3 Aint’ Bad


Conservatory Violins List Price: $1500 Regular Price: $950 Sale Price: $636.50 YOU SAVE: $313.50

Concert Viola - SAVE: $445.50 List Price: $2000 Regular Price: $1350 Sale Price: $904.50

Master Art Violin 33% Off Sale Price: $1474 List Price: $4000 Regular Price: $2200


Concert Cello List Price: $5000 Regular Price: $3500 Sale Price: $2345 YOU SAVE: $1155

Tell us Your Favorite and Earn $50!

The new website is still new enough for you to take advantage of our special offer.......Email us at and send us a link to your favorite instrument or bow on our new website, and get $25 towards any bow in the shop or $50 towards any instrument in the shop

That is in Addition to the 33% OFF!!!

Offer valid until April 15, Tell a friend!

What's Goin on? Violoncello da Spalla    Zachary Carrettin, the director of the Boulder Bach Festival, contacted us about a month and a half ago and suggested that we embark on a special project with him. He wanted us to customize a small cello to be played as a "Violoncello da Spalla." Of course we…
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