Ebony Violin Endbutton with Inlaid Mother of Pearl Parisian Eye


Ebony Violin Endbutton with Inlaid Mother...

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A hand-carved, round ebony endbutton with a hand-inlaid mother-of-pearl Parisian Eye in the center.

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A striking endbutton with a beautiful white mother-of-pearl inlaid Parisian Eye.

Musaica Endbuttons are designed for elegant profiles, and with the player's comfort in mind.  The ring or channel for the tail gut is sufficiently wide for the Sacconi or Wittner types, but also secure for the finer gauge tailguts.

Musaica Fine Fittings are designed and manufactured for the discerning artist and dealer. Every instrument can be enhanced by tasteful matched fittings of the highest quality, both acoustically and visually. These fittings are available in traditional French or English styles as well as inlaid or intricately carved designs. They are made with the finest quality of Rosewood and are finished by hand with meticulous care. Musiaca Fine Fittings are guaranteed for life against defects of workmanship or materials.