5-String Violin/Viola by Musaica Imports

5-String Violin/Viola by Musaica Imports


Is it a viola or a violin?  Really it’s a hybrid.  A teacher favorite because you can play viola and cello parts. The best 5-string violin you will find anywhere.



We use a 15 inch viola body rather than a full size violin body to correct the c-string on a 5 string violin that often sounds flabby and listless.  If a maker used a 16" viola and placed a e-string as a fifth string, the e ends up screaming!

The 5 string violin by Musaica Imports is a customized version of the 15 inch Concert Viola.   We fit an individually hand made tailpiece and perfection pegs (you can request standard pegs).

For teachers who want to lead their classes and play viola and cello parts without switching instruments, this is a great choice!

Lead time for custom preparation is 3-4 weeks.