Rental Program

Price Shown is Monthly Rental Rate

Price Shown is Monthly Rental Rate

Price Shown is Monthly Rental Rate

Price Shown is Monthly Rental Rate

Rental FAQs

What is included in the rental?

All of our rental outfits include an instrument, a student carbon fiber bow and a case for violins and violas, or a padded bag for cellos and basses.

The rental price does not include accessories such as rosin, shoulder pads, or rockstops.

What if something breaks on my rental?

The insurance and maintenance portion of your rental fee covers nearly everything as far as something breaking! If there is an opening along the ribs of the instrument, or a crack somewhere, or your fingerboard comes loose, that is all covered with the I & M.

The I & M does NOT cover strings, bridges, or damage caused by willful neglect. Strings are not expensive, but you purchase the strings for your rental, we will put them on NO CHARGE!

Another important thing to watch for is making sure the bridge is as straight as possible. If you are unsure about anything on your rental, please stop by and we will always make sure everything is good and solid on your instrument.

What if we need a new size during our rental?

When a student outgrows an instrument, it can be exchanged for another one of equivalent grade at any time for no charge.

Do you have a rental contract locking me into a certain length of time?

There is no minimum length of time that you are obligated to rent your instrument.

The minimum rental fee is one month of rent plus your rental deposit.

If you rent for fewer than 9 months, and return the instrument, your rental deposit is forfeited.

If you rent for more than 9 months, and return the instrument, your rental deposit will be refunded by way of a check from A Cavallo Violins, LLC within one month's time.

How do you take a payment on my rental?

We require a valid credit card to begin a rental.  For monthly rentals, your card will be charged monthly.  For School Year or 12-month rentals, your card will be processed for the full rental on the day you purchase your rental.  After the term of your rental, your rental will go to month to month, unless your return your rental or purchase another 9 months or year.  All credit card numbers are put into our secure credit card processor and only the last four numbers are seen.

Please call us right away if your credit card information changes during the rental.  We do our best to contact you by email.  If we don't hear back from you after 30 days, late fees may be accrued.

You are responsible for notifying us of any change in your address or contact information.

How is A Cavallo Violins rental better than a rent to own?

In many 'Rent to Own' Programs, you end up grossly over-paying for an instrument that you are literally STUCK with! It is like financing the purchase of the instrument, like a layaway.

This is especially bad news if you are 'renting' a fraction-sized instrument.

With A Cavallo Violins, LLC's rental credit you actually get to use your credit towards any instrument in the shop! Even if you wish to switch instruments!

How do I pack and ship my rental instrument to return it?

Bunch up good quality paper towels (cheap ones tend to flake and shred) and place them securely yet gently on both sides of the bridge under the strings.

Gently squeeze some paper towels between the shoulders of the instrument and the location in the case where they lay to offer additional support.

DO NOT add additional pressure the the sides of the instrument or to the scroll.

Make sure the velcro is secured nicely, and the bow is also secured in the case (not flailing around). Be sure to zip the case all the way, and do not rely on just the clasp - they sometimes do not hold the best.

Acquire a box large enough to fit the case, with plenty of packing material inside to keep the case from rattling inside the box. Secure the box with plenty of packing tape.

Ship the instrument to:

A Cavallo Violins, LLC

3613 S 149th Street

Omaha, NE 68144

OR email us at or call 402.827.9270 and we will issue a shipping label for you to print.